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Matt J - Windsor, Ontario Canada

Let me tell all you non believers out there that this stuff really works, if there is any doubt in your mind you should erase it now. I too was very sketchy about trying this product but with my acne issue I had to give it a chance. I am so happy that I followed through with moor mask.
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Moor Mask® Reviews

Moor Mud Skin Face Care Reviews...

There are a number of reviews available for our products on the internet. The following are some of them:

Natural Skin Care Info Review of Moor Mask®

Thorough and independent panel review of Moor Mask® by the testers at Compare Skin Care.

The following are extracts taken from a full 21 day written review of the Moor Mask® normalisation program, which was undertaken by Wayne at

Day Three 03/23/10
"It was the next morning that I saw the first change. It was in shaving. I got a real close shave. Now I'm not sure if it was because my whiskers were standing up more or if it was because my skin was softer. I do know it was not my razor. I use inexpensive disposable ones and it is not new. Even at the five o'clock shadow time my face was still smoother than it has been at that time."

Day Seven 03/27/10
"Well this is the 1/3 of the way through the program. My skin is really softer and I am liking the close shave. I have to spray my face three times to keep it moist at this time. The mask product has a little water on the top so I know that it is as moist as it was when I started. Karen says she can see that my face looks smoother."

Day Twelve 04/01/10
"With 2 nighs of leaving the mask on for 10 minutes each night I can feal and see my skin has changed. My color is more even. My forhead is less red and by now my nose is the same color as my cheeks."

Day Fourteen 04/03/10
"2/3 of the way through the program and my skin feels good!"

Day Sixteen 04/05/10
"My skin seems to have a bounce back feeling to it. After a full day of flying my skin still feels good."

Day Eighteen 04/08/10
"Well with spring here my face has gotten some color. I thought that the mask would be too dry on my face. But my skin is still soft and smooth and the tan is not showing any sign of drying."

Day Twenty 04/10/10
"I find myself feeling my face more just to feel the soft skin. And not only being soft it is plumped up."

Day Twenty-one 04/11/10
"My skin is a lot smoother and more even in color. The sprayer and brush held up great. There was just a little drying of the mask that made it a little lumpy in the end but no big deal... This would be a great add to your product line if you own a spa. Start with the one treatment and then sell a bottle for your customer to take home..."

Read Wayne's Natural Skin Care Info in full at Moor Mask® natural skin care review.

The Daily Telegraph Moor Mud Clear Skin Review by Jane Alexander.

"Moor Mud is the latest must-try treatment with Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Cattrall..."

"Moor Mud is unique because it has evolved over 20,000 years. More than 1,000 herbs, plants, grasses and flowers have decomposed into the waters, turning it into a nutritious soup of vitamins, minerals, plant-based hormones and other phytonutrients."

"... A moor product is even used in Austrian casualty departments as a treatment for burns. Research has shown that the mud can help to improve the circulation, soothe aching muscles and reduce swelling in joints."

"... Acts as a natural exfoliator and also hydrates the body. As the mud contains essential oils, fats and lipids, it is able to penetrate the skin with ease and many people swear it helps smooth away wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin."

Read why celebrities are Moor Mud Facial Mask fans. Celebrity Beauty Starts at Home. Read The Daily Telegraph Moor Mud Review in full.

Moor Mask® Anti-Aging Video Review

Moor Mask® clear skin system anti-aging independent video review on Moor Clear Skin Facial Mask by June Yates (formerly june9097 on YouTube):

Moor Mask® Clear Skin Face Review by Katbalu

Katbalu undertook the Moor Mask® 21 day normalisation program as a facial mask acne treatment and for skin discolouration. She videoed regular progress updates on YouTube and her final review can be seen here:

Also see Katbalu's treatment progress videos:

Moor Mask® My Initial Review For The Moor Mask® | Moor Mask® Update on the Moor Mask® | Update 3 on the Moor Mask®

Moor Mask® Product Review by "Let's Review It"

"18 thumbs up... I love this product!" is just one of the quotes from this independent Moor Mask® Video Product Review posted on Youtube by LetsReviewIt: